After the software installation is complete, shut down TriCaster, and connect the AVIDI Artist Mix panel to TriCaster as follows:

1. Plug one end of the AC power cord into the power adapter and the other into an electrical outlet (push the AC power connector firmly into the adapter).

2. Connect the DC output cable from the power adapter to the DC input on the left rear side of the control surface.

3. Connect the control surface to TriCaster using the crossover cable supplied with the Artist Mix, or – as will often be true, in cases where TriCaster network connectivity is a requirement – to the same network subnet your TriCaster is connected to using a suitable Ethernet cable. In most cases you will wish to use a switch or router rather than a direct connection between the two devices, so TriCaster can also connect to the Internet, etc.

4. Power up TriCaster, and wait for the Start screen to appear; then press the POWER button on the control surface.

AVID symbols briefly appear on the OLED display above each fader at this point.  When EuControl recognizes the control surface, the display shows rectangles in place of the logo icons to tell you the control surface is in a ‘ready’ state.

Connectivity Notes: If the control surface OLED display continues to show the AVID symbols, it has not been detected by EuControl.  Try cycling the Artist Control power off and then on again.  If this does not help, power Artist Mix off, restart TriCaster, and turn the surface on again. 

If Artist Mix is still not recognized, double-check your connections. If more than one TriCaster is connected to the network, give each unit a unique system name. If this fails (or when multiple TriCasters or Artist Mix devices are on the same network) you may need to Exit to Windows, right-click the EuControl icon I shown in the Notification Area of the Windows taskbar, select EuControl Settings and and use the configuration tools provided therein.  Refer to the AVID® documentation for further details.

5. Launch a TriCaster session. The OLED rectangle icons are replaced by custom TriCaster audio control labels and displays.

Section 21.7.2

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