Control surface T-Bar illumination largely conforms to M/E tab color on the Live Desktop.

  1. If BKGD is delegated alone, the T-Bar color is as shown in the table above, identifying which M/E is delegated in the M/E DELEGATE (When multiple M/Es are delegated, the first selected delegate determines the color.)
  2. This color is at its brightest when the A source (effectively the Program row for a Mix effect) is fully displayed. As the T-Bar is moved (or AUTO is pressed) to begin a transition, the color gradually dims until the effect is complete. At that point, it pops back to full brightness, just as the onscreen T-Bar returns to the top of its stroke.
  3. In a mixed delegate situation (BKGD along with one or more KEY layers) the T-Bar is lit it medium blue, and conforms to the BKGD behavior described above.
  4. If one or more KEY layers are delegated without BKGD, the T-Bar color is purple. When the KEY layer (or, for multi-KEY selections, the first KEY layer) is fully displayed, T-Bar lighting is at its brightest.  Removing the layer dims the illumination.

Section 21.3.13

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