Importing files implies copying them into the TriCaster session folders, making them local (rather than external).  At times, imported files are also automatically transcoded to ‘friendly’ formats for realtime playback.  To import media files:

  1. Launch a TriCaster session.
  2. Click the File menu in the Live Desktop’s Dashboard.
  3. Click the Import Media
  4. Use the Import Media module that opens to create a list of files you wish to import into the current session, and click the Import

Hint: You may know that external files can be used in a session without being imported, by adding them to Media Player playlists using the "Add Media Location" feature. However, such external files used in a session will not be included in session backups (unless the are deliberately imported during the backup process), nor are they deleted when sessions are deleted. Also, the transfer speed of many external devices is too slow for reliable playback of large clips, making it wise to use import instead whenever possible.


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