Several controls are nested above each fader, along with the matching OLED display group for that audio input or source. Looking at Figure 276 you’ll notice that in the default operating mode (PAN; See the previous section) the Audio 1A track’s display shows a VU meter at left, and a PAN graph below the input label. Rotate the knob below the PAN graph display to adjust PAN for the channel this source is on.



For a four channel source, such as an input set to SDI Embedded, TriCaster’s level knobs each control two channels. An Artist Mix knob set can likewise be configured to control “Audio1 AB” and “Audio 1 CD” (for example) to control the two channel pairs for a single SDI source. In such cases, the PAN control knob adjusts the first channel by default (A, in this example) for the assigned pair. To adjust PAN settings for the other channel in the same pair, press the SEL button. This lights the button, and re-assigns the PAN control on the surface to the associated channel. Press the SEL button again to restore control over the first channel (the SEL button light will go out.


To adjust MIC GAIN for a channel, press the CHAN button. Then push the button labeled SEL located to the left of the fader for the channel you want to control. The highlight behind the source label in the OLED display updates to show the newly selected source. In CHAN mode, an additional control (labeled GAIN A or B) appears at right of the channel’s PAN control on the surface. These GAIN controls correspond to mic trim controls found in TriCaster’s input Audio Configuration panels (Audio Mixer tab). Press CHAN again to restore normal, single channel control, when done making adjustments.

Hint: Although the GAIN control is shown for other source types, it really only has any effect on inputs configured as Mic types in TriCaster’s audio input source selector.

Section 21.7.9

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