Two larger buttons labeled SOLO and ON (Mute) are positioned below the knob; that is, above each of the eight faders (Figure 277). These two buttons are outside the Knob Set group, and thus independent of the mode established by the of Knob Set selectors.


That’s just a wordy way of explaining how it is that a SOLO button always toggles the Solo feature for its respective source; and likewise the ON (Mute) buttons always mute or un-mute them – even when you might be in a different mode.

Hint: As with most convenient rules, there is one exception to the above. If the SOLO and ON buttons are unresponsive, check to see if the SHIFT LOCK button (i.e., the left SHIFT button on the control surface) is lit; if it is, turn it off.

At the time of writing, multi-selection of Solo is not supported on the Artist Mix surface (though it can be performed in the TriCaster user interface).

Section 21.7.11

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