This chapter discusses the use of two NewTek TimeWarp™ control surfaces in two variants. Both models (TriCaster® 860TW and its predecessor, TW-42) add convenient slow motion instant replay to the already potent capability of your TriCaster system.

TriCaster 860TW has the same sleek profile as TriCaster 460 CS and TriCaster 860 CS.  Of course it delivers the same precise control over TriCaster’s instant replay recording and live playback when used alone.  The TW-42 model, though designed for use with earlier TriCasters, continues to provide great functionality.

For the most part, both TimeWarp™ models have similar controls, with similar labels, and perform in much the same manner. For that reason, in the discussion which follows we will focus on the newer TriCaster 860TW, simply giving you a friendly heads-up whenever we discuss an item where TW-42 varies from its newer sibling.

TW-42 Notes Wherever items of special interest to TW-42 users appear in this chapter, they will be flagged in the same manner as this paragraph.


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