CHAN is short for “Channel”. By default, this button is unlit, and Artist Mix operates in ‘standard’ mode. Standard mode (CHAN off) is the default operating mode for the PAN Knob Set mode that you will use for most ‘non-configuration’ Audio Mixer activity. It imposes one-to-one relationship between control groups and individual audio sources – each group governs one source exclusively.

Pushing the CHAN button changes this relationship. In channel mode, all knobs and faders are assigned to a single TriCaster audio source (or ‘channel’, from the Artist Mix viewpoint). The SEL switch, introduced in 21.7.13, determines which source has ‘focus’, and the various adjustable settings for that source are expanded across the entire control surface, with one Artist Mix ‘slot’ assigned to each.

We’ve seen how this works in EQ mode, where it expands the different equalizer bands for a single (selected) audio source across multiple knobs. In fact CHAN mode is so appropriate in this case that it is automatically activated whenever you press the EQ Knob Set selector.

(In CHAN mode, a ‘grid’ background is displayed in the OLED. And as we saw before, the label for the selected source is highlighted in the same manner).


Hint: It is possible to switch to standard operating mode manually using Artist Mix to control EQ settings. Just press the CHAN button to toggle that mode off. In this state, the knobs in all eight control groups are assigned to a single parameter – so, for example, you could view (and adjust) the 60Hz EQ setting for all sources in the current Artist Mix bank at once if you need to quickly damp that low rumble your microphones are picking up when the air conditioning kicks in.

You will probably find that standard mode works best for most operations apart from EQ, however.

To enable/disable or reset the Comp/Limiter, hold SHIFT and press the EQ (Knob Set) button, then press CHAN, to turn Channel mode off; the display should show the Threshold level). Press the SEL Y button beside a fader to select an input, and press SEL button below the OLED to toggle EQ for this input; or press ON (just beneath) to reset the Compressor/Limiter.

Section 21.7.15

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