By default, Artist Mix presents control groups for each TriCaster audio source in their natural order from left to right. It can be very desirable however, to lock one or more sources in a fixed position, thus keeping it in view on the control surface at all times despite any use of the navigation buttons.

For example, you may well wish to consider locking the Master audio controls to the seventh and eighth slots, so that these important faders will always be available. To do so, follow these steps:

1. Navigate (using NUDGE or BANK buttons if necessary) to position Master in the furthest right control slot on Artist Mix.

2. (With FLIP and CHAN both off), press the INSERTS Knob Set button.

3. Press the small ON button located to the left of the Master 1 knob (Figure 285).


4. Press the PAN button in the Knob Set selector group (to exit INSERT mode).

A small padlock icon appears in the OLED, indicating that Master is now locked in its current place on the control surface. If you use the navigation buttons to move left or right, Master stays right where you want it.

Hint: When locking multiple channels on the AVID Artist Mix, always lock the rightmost of the channels to be locked first.

Unlocking a previously locked source restores it to its normal position.

Note: Locking sources has one slightly annoying side effect. You will see a clone of locked sources elsewhere in the Artist Mix layout. This does not pose a real issue, since the duplicate is fully synced with the locked one, and will operate as expected if you do use it.

MIDI Configuration Add-On:

The Add-On group in TriCaster’s Session page (Startup) includes a link named Ableton Novation Launchpad. This link opens a simple configuration application that allows you to alter the colors used to illuminate buttons on this popular MIDI device. Simply choose a specific device from the menu at upper left, choose a Fill Color, and click a button on the screen with the fill bucket mouse pointer. (Alternatively, each button has a rightclick menu you can use to select the color for that button.)

Section 21.7.18

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