1. If your monitor has a “Blue-gun only” setting, enable it. Depending on the brand of your monitor, the alternating bars will appear either as light gray and black, or blue and black (Figure 303).


  1. If the monitor lacks a “Blue-gun only” feature, you can obtain a colored filter such as a Kodak Wratten #47B gel, and hold that between your eyes and the monitor for a similar result.


  1. Tweak the Color (or Saturation) knob until the small rectangular patches at very bottom of the tall upper bars on the extreme right and left of your screen merge with the tall bars above.


  1. Tweak the monitor’s Hue control until the small rectangles beneath the third and fifth tall upper bars likewise blend into bar above.



  1. You may need to redo the last two steps several times, balancing the adjustments of these two controls until all four of the lighter bars evenly match the smaller rectangles just beneath them. (Note that a perfect match simply may not be possible on some monitors.)


    5. Check your results with some familiar imagery, and make any further tweaks you feel are required.


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