TriCaster 860 TW is quite straightforward to use, especially true if you are already familiar with common TriCaster controls and features.  In this section, we’ll discuss each part of the control surface, explaining how the various controls operate and what effect they have, revealing a few little tricks that you may find helpful along the way.

TimeWarp provides convenient control over TriCaster’s two DDRs as well as the recording of sources configured for capture.

For convenience, related controls and buttons are grouped together on the control surface. We will discuss the features and operations supported by each group in the pages that follow. The layout includes the control groups listed below (as shown in Figure 259):

  • DDR Delegates
  • Edit group (modify playlist content)
  • Play Speed (T-bar and presets)
  • Mark (replay clip creation buttons)
  • ALT and Qualifiers (which modify the operation of other controls)
  • Record toggle
  • DDR options
  • Preset (DDR Playlist)
  • DDR Transport (clip playback and position controls)

Let’s take a closer look at the members of each control group and their purpose.

SECTION 21.6.2 

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