The DDR 1 and DDR 2 buttons are ‘radio button’ controls.  This means that they operate just like the ‘Favorite’ buttons provided on a car radio to let you jump to a preset station.

Pressing a button produces an immediate change of state, and your selections are mutually exclusive.

Much of the functionality of your TriCaster 850 TW relates to clip playback, navigation, and the like. These are essentially Media Player functions, controlling one or another of TriCaster’s DDRs

The first two buttons in this group (DDR 1 and DDR 2) basically delegate the other controls to the service of the DDR named (TriCaster 300 is, of course unique in having just one DDR).

Note: These buttons only relate to TriCaster 850 TW operations, and do not interact with the Switcher (or TriCaster 855 CS) delegate buttons.

The third button in this group button is not a delegate button (nor is it a radio button). The DDR 1/DDR 2 button is a toggle switch. When enabled, it tells the control surface to apply DDR Transport control group operations to both DDRs (see Section 21.6.11).

TW-42 Notes There is no corresponding DDR 1/DDR 2 button on TW-42.  Multi-delegating DDRs is not supported with this control surface.

SECTION 21.6.3 

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