In general, these buttons operate on selected playlist content in the currently delegated DDR (see Section 21.6.3).

·         Remove – Push to remove currently selected entries from the delegated DDR’s playlist (selected items are not deleted from the hard drive, however).

TW-42 Notes The Remove button is labeled RMV on TW-42.

  • Copy– Push to copy currently selected playlist items into the Paste buffer.
  • Paste– Push to insert Paste buffer content into the playlist of the delegated DDR
  • Esc– close any popup dialog or text entry item.

Hint: These four buttons are also ‘action buttons’ – that is, pushing one of them has an immediate effect (but unlike a radio button, the operation is complete on release, and does not remain in force).

TW-42 Notes There are no Copy, Paste or Esc buttons on TW-42.

SECTION 21.6.4 

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