Selecting Administrator Mode from the Shutdown menu on the Home Page icon ring exits TriCaster’s live production environment, and takes you to a new screen (Figure 41) that offers various functions and settings having to do with TriCaster system maintenance and management.

Administrator Mode options are grouped under several headings, as discussed next.

  • Web – Opens the default system Internet browser.
  • Files on Disk – Opens a system file window.
System Utilities
  • Register TriCaster – TriCaster shows a watermark on output before registration, so we encourage you to register early. Among other reasons, doing so will serve to identify the unit to NewTek as yours in case of theft, and will also allow you to check for software updates that may have been recently released.  (The steps in the registration process were outlined back in Section 3.2, so we won’t repeat them here.)


  • Update TriCaster – NewTek may periodically provide software updates for your TriCaster. Updates can enhance performance, security or even add useful new features.  If TriCaster is connected to the Internet, clicking Update TriCaster takes you to the Updates and Downloads webpage where you can locate the most recent software version.


Having done so, you can download and run the Auto Updater for the new version, or use the Download Tool option, which allows you to store the related files on another system for later transfer to your NewTek live production system.



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