• Regions and Language – Open the system language control panel.
  • Advanced Keyboard – Open the system keyboard controls panel.
  • Date and time – Open the system keyboard controls panel.
  • Configure Network – Open the system network controls panel.
  • Display – Open the system display controls panel (useful for configuring multiple monitors, among other things).
  • Fonts –Open the system font management console, allowing you to add that new font your client wants you to use for their title pages.
  • System Name – It can be very useful to modify the default name your TriCaster is identified on the network. This is especially true when more than one TriCaster might be on the same network. The System Name feature opens the System Properties console’s Computer Name tab.  Click the Change button to modify the current name.
  • Exit to Windows – Leave the Administration Mode screen and display the standard system desktop.
  • Back to TriCaster – Exit Administration Mode, and return to TriCaster’s Startup


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