TriCaster includes an integrated variant of LiveText™, NewTek’s standalone titling and CG application. This version gives you the ability to create title pages with text entries and images that can be updated (even from using sources) when displayed from TriCaster Media Players or Buffers during live production in TriCaster.

Selecting the Graphics icon displays a number of related items on the right-hand side of the Session Page.

When you first enter a new session, no LiveText projects are listed in the area under Project Name.  After you create one or more projects, the name(s) will appear here and, as you would expect, you can re-open the project by clicking its name.

LiveText’s internal File menu and Save As functions default to the same location. However, it is possible to use File>Save As to store a project in another location outside the session structure. 

Be aware that projects stored outside the session structure are not shown in the project list on the Sessions Page.  To re-open them, you’ll need to navigate to the project file using File>Open in LiveText. 

To create a new LiveText project, click in the default project name field (just above the Start New Project link) and modify it, then click Start New Project.  When you finish working in LiveText, click the [x] button in its upper-right corner (or select Exit in the File menu) to return to the Session Page.


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