Macros smooth out your workflow, reduce complex operations to a single button press, and make it easier to produce sophisticated programs. They provide many opportunities for both workflow streamlining and creative applications. (As well, macros can reduce or eliminate embarrassing operator errors.)  This chapter also covers Remote Control, which allows TriCaster operations to be synchronized for various purposes


One of the hardest things about live switching is keeping up with the action. We’re only human, limited as to how fast our fingers can move, recall and perform important sequential steps, and so on.

TriCaster’s macros are the answer to that dilemma. Record any sequence of events as a macro and play it back with one click.  Alternatively, trigger it with a keystroke, control surface operation, or HotSpot.


Figure 191

Macros can do almost anything; Preload and play content, modify audio settings, automate complex switcher sequences or perform synchronous operations. The compelling usefulness of macros justifies the prominent Macros menu placement in TriCaster’s Dashboard.


Figure 192

Click Macros to show a menu containing a Configure Macros item. This opens a large panel that allows to you create, organize, and even edit macros.



Chapter 16

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