As you would expect, the speed preset buttons in this group (marked 25%, 33%, 50%, 75% and 100%) govern the playback rate of the active DDR.

Speed preset buttons are mutually exclusive, and establish a playback mode. They do not initiate playback; rather, the playback speed you choose is applied when subsequently press Play.

(If a DDR is already playing, pushing a speed preset button alters the current playback speed immediately.)

Hint: If you use an onscreen speed control to change to a new playback speed, the control surface button selection state follows when possible (in cases where no button corresponds exactly to the newly established speed, no preset button will be illuminated).

The speed T-Bar works in similar fashion to the preset buttons, but provides a smoothly variable approach to setting playback speed.

TW-42 Notes There is no Speed T-bar on TW-42.

SECTION 21.6.5 

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