It’s probably no surprise at all that pressing the REC (Record) button enables TriCaster’s own Record feature. It’s worth mentioning though, that REC is not a simple toggle button (as it is on the user interface).  Simply pressing REC again does not turn Record off.

Recording is such an important function, we are sure you agree you don’t want anyone to be able to accidentally disable it. 

For this reason, you must use ALT + REC (hold down ALT while pushing REC) to turn recording off.  This makes disabling recording a very deliberate operation, and not one that is at all likely to have been unintentional (as perhaps by some hapless passerby coming in contact with the control surface while looking over your shoulder).


TW-42 Notes There is no REC button on TW-42.  Even so, pushing the Replay In button will automatically enable Record.

Also, you can add a five second clip from the Primary record source to all current Add to targets by pressing SHIFT + REC.

SECTION 21.6.8 

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