This group of controls provides a variety of convenient clip transport and navigation tools. The dominant feature is a large, smoothly operating Jog Wheel.  
This oversize knob permits you to traverse the current clip in the delegated DDR in frame-accurate increments.  
The Jog Wheel can be a real boon when coupled with the ALT + IN/OUT method of trimming already captured clips (Section 21.6.6), or can allow you to review an event by scrubbing through it manually even while it is displayed live.
The Jog Wheel is supplemented by the nearby Fast Jog button.  Press this control to toggle a high-speed jog mode, which skims through the clip at eight time.


TW-42 Notes The Jog wheel on TW-42 works similarly, but is augmented by an outer Shuttle ring that can be used to move quickly through a clip or playlist. 

The other buttons in this control group are labeled with familiar VCR-style icons, and work as follows:

  • Previous(Clip) – Push to highlight the prior clip in the playlist of the delegated DDR.
  • Stop
    • Push to end playback at the current frame.
    • When already stopped, push again to go to the first frame of the current clip (or playlist, when Single mode is off for the DDR).
    • Push Alt + Stop during playback to jump to the end of the current clip.
  • Play– Push to play the current clip in delegated DDR, beginning at the current frame.
  • Next(Clip) – highlights the next clip in the playlist of the delegated DDR.

TW-42 Notes


·         Press ALT + Next to jump the play head 1 sec. forward from its current position in the clip.

·         Press Alt + Prev to jump the play head 1 sec. back from its current position in the clip.


SECTION 21.6.11 

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