Standard Edition - Configure Wirecast® To Receive TriCaster's Network Output?

To set up Telestream’s Wirecast® software to recognize a Standard Edition TriCaster’s Network output as a source, follow these steps:

1. Double-click the main Program monitor to open TriCaster’s Output Configuration panel.

2. Select the desired audio and video sources for Network output, and enable it. FIGURE 289 Page | 274

3. At the time of writing, Wirecast® does not fully support interlaced video, so you must also checkmark De-Interlace at the bottom of the Network video source menu.

4. Next, open the Sources menu in the Wirecast® interface (Figure 289), and select the “New Web Stream” option.



The Source Settings dialog will open.



5. Set Protocol to “HTTP”.

6. Type the Network URL displayed in TriCaster’s Output Configuration pane into the Wirecast® URL field.

TriCaster’s Network video output should now appear in Wirecast®, ready to be added to a shot like any other valid source.

Section A.1.16

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