1. Connect your HD sources to TriCaster’s input connectors (see Section 3.4).
  2. Connect your HD monitors to TriCaster’s output connectors (see Section 3.7.1)
  3. Select the New icon in the Home Page of the Startup Screen.
  4. Click the Enter Session Name link (under Session Name at right) and supply a name for the new session.
  5. Select a Volume (hard drive) for the new session. FIGURE 290 Page | 275
  6. TriCaster Multi-standard only: choose your local Video Standard (NTSC, NTSC-J or PAL)
  7. Select either 720p or 1080i for Resolution.
  8. Click the Start Session link (lower-right).


Q: What is the best session format for streaming?

A: We strongly recommend that you use a progressive video format for sessions you intend primarily for streaming.

Doing so eliminates fielding artifacts that might otherwise occur due to converting fielded video to progressive video for streaming. This will generally result in noticeably better quality.

Section A.2.2

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