As you may know, LiveSets for some TriCaster models support four primary video inputs, along with sources dedicated to Key channels.  Other models provide less video inputs for effects. The ‘Nightly Show A’ LiveSet is special in that it appears to show many different video sources simultaneously (see Figure 291), even including a moving ‘news ticker’.

Figure 291

This virtual multi-monitor effect depends on a single clip (played from a DDR) which is itself a montage composed of a number of different looping video clips composited into a single frame (e.g., Figure 292).

Figure 292

Figure 293

Hint: A template clip (Figure 293) is supplied in the Clips>NewTek folder (as are several looping sample clips). You can use the template as a guide to prepare similar clips with content positioned correctly for use with the Nightly Show set, using in the software of your choice.


To configure the effect:

  1. Assign your talent shot to Input A in the M/E tab
  2. Put the looping montage clip you prepared in a DDR, and select that DDR as Input B.

This particular set was designed to work with all TCXD model TriCasters, including those supporting just two primary sources.  For TriCaster 8000 (only), which adds C and D inputs in M/E panels, the set has been updated as follows to provide more ability:

Input C targets the ‘virtual ticker’.  Knowing this, you might for example use Input C’s positioner to compose a LiveText feed (from a Network input) to correspond to the lower right quadrant of the template clip (as seen in Figure 293 above). This would then be mapped to the ticker, allowing you to update the virtual ticker remotely.


  • Input D is mapped to the virtual ‘control room monitor displays’. Position another source to conform to any of the numbered input areas of the template clip to replace the corresponding ‘screen ‘in the virtual control room. This allows you, for example, to send live video switched in another M/E to one of these monitors.


Hint: To use the set as originally designed, simply assign one looping ‘montage clip’ (like the provided samples) to all of inputs B, C an D.

SECTION A.3.3    

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