Note: This effect requires TriCaster 8000, because it alone provides reentrant M/Es.


One of the sample LiveSets provided with TriCaster provides camera angles intended for use with the 3D Anaglyph effect.  Here’s how to set up the Night Beat 3D LiveSet for this purpose:

  1. Select an unused M/E, and assign a keyed talent shot to Input A.
  2. Assign another source, perhaps a full frame graphic, to Input B.
  3. Click the button labeled Effect above the central Effect
  4. Click the + sign that appears when you move the mouse over the label below the effect thumbnail to open a Media Browser.
  5. Click the NewTek label under the LiveSet heading in the Media Browser, and choose “3D Center L.LiveSet” from the “Night Beat” folder in the file pane at right.

This M/E provides the left angle for the center desk shot of the ultimate 3D result.

  1. Choose another free M/E, and set it up exactly as described above – but this time choose “3D Center R.LiveSet” from the “Night Beat” folder.

This second M/E provides the right angle for the 3D effect.

  1. Set a third M/E pane to Effect mode, and assign “3D Anaglyph (Red, Cyan).LiveSet” from the “3D” folder to it.
  2. In this third M/E pane, assign the left angle M/E prepared earlier to Input A, and the M/E you configured as the right angle to Input B.
  3. Select this third M/E on the main Switcher’s Program row, and view the result through red/cyan 3D glasses. (Note that the anaglyph effect is maintained even through a LiveSet zoom.)

Hint: If you assign suitable left and right images to the Input B rows of the respective left and right M/Es, the desk front monitor imagery will also be shown in 3D.

SECTION A.3.4    

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