TriCaster® provides a great deal of flexibility when it comes to capturing your production, selected elements of it, and a wide array of internal and external sources (with embedded timecode).


Figure 215

This is all very helpful for post-production purposes or even for immediate playback from a DDR during your production.

TriCaster’s unique native IsoCorder™ technology brings even more powerful capability to TriCaster’s Record feature. With IsoCorder, it’s possible to record up to four video sources simultaneously, or a perhaps mix of sources and output channels, including any of the four Outputs.

As individual outputs are configurable, you can also capture Program, Program (Clean), individual Switcher sources, or even an Alpha Matte.

Figure 216

Recording is easily enabled by clicking the large RECORD button in the Dashboard (Figure 215).  The nearby time counter tracks the length of clips recorded with the current base filename, and a horizontal VU meter beneath the button assures you that you are capturing audio.


Note: It is not necessary to interrupt recording to add a clip that is being captured to a DDR playlist or the Publish Bin.  Clip icons show a red ‘recording’ indicator on clips currently being captured in playlists, the Publish Bin, and in TriCaster’s Media Browser.




Section 19.1

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