In TriCaster Advanced Edition, features related to instant replay have been gathered into the Replay tab.

Figure 218


Let’s examine these controls one by one, beginning with the Add to menu options.


Choose an Add to option from the Action menu to automatically send newly-created clips to the target(s) you choose in the menu that opens when you click the gear at right. You can choose either DDR, or collate the clips into different MEM slots.

Choosing Add to DDR (1 or 2) and Show takes advantage of the powerful Show On feature in TriCaster’s Media Players to trigger an instant replay.

This means that, with one mighty click, you can:

  • Send a clip of pre-determined length from any angle you are recording to a DDR
  • Auto the DDR onto the Switcher’s Program row (or a target M/E) using a custom transition
  • Autoplay the clip at the pre-determined playback speed
  • Then transition the DDR back to Preview, restoring the Switcher (or M/E) Background transition.

All of this without interrupting recording, which continues without so much as a hiccup.

Enabling the Export option will send clips to the Publish Bin, and – if Auto Queue is enabled for Clips – these will be immediately queued for handling by the Publish processor.


Clip Duration and Play Speed


Figure 219

Let’s spend a moment on these two controls before getting into the more interesting bits. 

  • Clip Duration, as you’d expect, determines the length of clips added to the DDRs or Publish Bin. (Note that this control accepts values typed directly, up to 30 seconds.)
  • Play Speed affects clips added to DDRs only, pre-setting their individual playback speed to the value you select here.

The Replay Pad

The Replay Pad is a Dashboard feature, and appear in the form of buttons appearing to the right of the main RECORD button.

Figure 220

TriCaster Advanced Edition makes it easy to send clips from any recorder defined in the Capture tab to a DDR or to the Publish module.  Notice the two buttons (labeled “Out 1” and “Out 2”) just left of the configuration gear in Figure 213.  This is the Replay Pad area.  The button labels show which sources are assigned to the corresponding recorders.  The Replay Pad can show up to four buttons. 

Clicking any Replay Pad button adds the clip from that recorder to the targets defined in the Action menu. Alternatively, you can perform the same operation by pressing a number pad key on your keyboard.  The Play Speed and Clip Duration you define are applied when clips are added to a DDR

Hint: As mentioned elsewhere, clips added in this fashion will also retain the information from the Comment box (Replay tab).


Section 19.1.3

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