At times, all you really want to capture is a still image from the current Program Output video stream (or perhaps, an input).  This is the purpose of TriCaster’s Grab function.


Click the Configure button (gear) next to Grab in the Dashboard at the top of the Live Desktop to open the Grab Still Configuration panel.  The options presented are mostly similar to those of Record Configuration, though a bit simpler. Choose which outputs will be grabbed by the Dashboard Grab button. 

Note: De-Interlacing is automatically applied to avoid a ‘comb’ effect caused by inter-frame motion in fielded sessions.


Enable the Add grabs to switch to automatically include newly captured images at the end of selected playlists, or to send them to a specific Buffer, ready for immediate playback during the live production.  Likewise, enable Add to Export in this menu to immediately append the grabbed image to the Export Bin.

Close the Grab Still Configuration panel by clicking Close, or clicking outside the panel. Then click the Dashboard Grab button to capture the selected a/v source(s) to your hard drive.  Image files are stored in a folder named for the session inside the main Still folder for the current session (sub-folders are created for the supplementary files captured when Grab all inputs is in use).

Figure 221



To grab an image from any Switcher input, simply move the mouse over any source viewport and click the snapshot (camera) icon that is shown in the footer below the monitor.

Hint: Grab stores images from sources with embedded alpha complete with their transparency information.


Section 19.2

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