How Do I Connect Cameras?

  1. Connect video sources to the appropriately labeled BNC input connectors on TriCaster’s backplate according to your camera’s video output connection type (see Section 3.4).

        (Because of the ‘busy’ nature of the backplate, you may find the BNC removal tool provided with              TriCaster helpful for this purpose).

     2. Open a TriCaster session (or create a new one) from the Home Page of the Startup Screen.

     3. Click the Live icon on the Session Page of the Startup Screen, and press Enter (or click the Start              Live Production link).

    4. Roll the mouse pointer over the monitor for the camera you want to set up, and click the Configure         (gear) button that appears in its titlebar.

    5. Choose an appropriate Connection Type for your camera in the Input Settings tab (see Section 0).


Section A.1.1

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