Suppose you want to assign matching shots from one theme group of LiveSets to different M/Es (or MEM slot).

  1. Prepare the first M/E – click its tab, use the controls to select a LiveSet, assign and position a Key source, and select a shot (position/zoom preset).


  1. Move the mouse pointer to the extreme left of the screen, right-click on the Preset icon in the flyout preset bin, and select Export.



  1. Supply a filename for the Preset.



  1. Click the second M/E tab.



  1. Right-click on a blank Preset, and select Import from the menu.



  1. Select the file you exported above, and click Open.



The second M/E will adopt the exact same settings as the first.  Now all you need to do is replace the currently assigned LiveSet with a matching one by clicking Add at upper-right in the tab, choosing the LiveSet you want, and clicking OK.


SECTION A.3.15    

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