3Play 330 MSI Motherboard BIOS Settings


3Play330 Settings

  1. Must be set with current date! [Date]
  2. PCI Latency timer [128]
  3. Raid Mode [RAID]
  4. Full Boot Screen [Disable]
  5. ACPI Stand by State [S3]
  6. [F10] to Save


Steps to set Bio’s.

  1. Hit Delete to enter the Bio’s. The MSI Bio’s screen will come up.
  2. Standard CMOS Feature [ENTER]
  3. [Date] Must be set on current date.
  4. [ESC] to go back to main Screen
  5. [Arrow down key] 1 time to Advance Bio’s Feature [ENTER]
  6. Full Screen Logo Display [Disable]
  7. [Arrow down key] 6 time to PCI Latency Timer, change to [128]
  8. [ESC] to go back to main Screen
  9. [Arrow down key] 1 time to Integrated Peripherals [ENTER]
  10. [Arrow down key] 7 time to On-chip ATA Device [ENTER]
  11. [Arrow down key] 2 time to Raid Mode [ENTER] select[ RAID]
  12. Hit [ESC] 3 times to go back to main Screen
  13. Power Management Set-up.
  14. [Arrow down key] 1 time to ACPi Stand by State[ENTER]
  15. Set to [S3] [ENTER] to select
  16. [F10] to save, if you do not do this last step, all will be lost!
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