How to swap out the Hard Drive on a Tricaster Pro and Tricaster 100

If you received a new hard drive, or have cloned your existing drive, from a TriCaster Pro or TriCaster 100 (the original TriCaster) you'll have to open the unit to swap out the drives.

  1. First thing would be to remove the 3 screws in a triangle pattern from the back of the unit. This will allow the black case cover to slide right off.  Here is how the unit will appear if you are facing the front of it:
  2. The next thing you will want to do is number the blue ribbon cables so they can be plugged in the same order. It's helpful to use something to remind you of the order (such as the notes in the picture below) but you could actually use a sharpie to number them.  To remove them, they almost have a little visible beige plastic lip on either side that you can use your finger to push up on them and move them aside. (Note: Take special care to install these in gently when it’s time to do so!)
  3. The next step would be to remove the orange power cable and also the black sata connector.  If you push on the little metal tab on the power cable it will slide out. 
  4.  Now that the blue ribbon cables are out of the way, and the back connections unplugged we can remove the entire drive bay.  The two screws to be removed are along the side of the chassis and run parallel with the top of the drive.  (I’ve already removed the screws in this picture.)  With the screws out, you can now slide the bay away from you and the entire thing can be carefully lifted out.
  5.  With the drive bay out it’s easy to tell how the drive will need to be installed in the bay (with all the verbage on the drive facing you) and which side slides into the chassis of the unit.
  6.  With the bay out, to remove the drive, there are two screws on each side that will need to be removed.  Then the drive will slide right out.
  7. To reinstall, just work your way backwards through the pictures.
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