Stream to Facebook Live from TriCaster Standard Edition

Facebook is particular about the stream that it accepts, so the following is how to stream to Facebook using a TriCaster running Standard Edition software. For Facebook's limits on streaming and troubleshooting, please see this link from Facebook.

1. On TriCaster, click the Stream gear to bring up the stream panel, Navigate to, and select the drop down to choose Create Connection from Current URL

2. Select RTMP, and press okay.

3. Rename the connection on the top right (it will currently say "Unnamed Connection). Below that will be your streaming settings for bitrate and quality. Select a 1280x720 resolution video, at a bitrate no higher than 400kbps.

4. Click the Post to Live button A new window will load with the option to log into your Please note that this login is only for the plugin; it does not log you into on the browser.

5. Log in, allow the plugin to access your page, and press okay.

6. On the Facebook configuration plugin, select your page (there will be a drop-down if you manage more than one), give your video a title, select the privacy option, and description.

7. Save the info by pressing OK.

8. Press okay on the browser on the bottom-right of the panel

9. Start the stream to send the feed to Facebook right away.

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