Panasonic® NDI®|HX & NDI® Studio Monitor


Complete Installation Guide

Download & install NDI® Tools 5

• Follow this link to download NDI® Tools 5 to a computer of your choice:


Update Your Camera Firmware & Upgrade to NDI®|HX

• With NDI® Tools 5 installed on your computer, ensure that both the computer and camera are powered and connected to the same local network via standard Ethernet cable.

If you are using a switch (without a router), you may need to manually configure the network settings on your computer.

• From your computer, open the NewTek NDI® Studio Monitor application (installed as part of NDI® Tools 5) to finish the process.

• Click the menu icon in the upper-left corner to view all the available NDI® sources, then locate and select your camera.
IMPORTANT: Your camera must be connected to the same local network as the computer running Studio Monitor to proceed.


• With your camera selected, click on the UPGRADE button in the bottom-right corner of the NewTek NDI® Studio Monitor window.



• After the dialog box opens, click on the 1a. button to download the latest firmware for your camera. You will be redirected to the camera manufacturer’s website. Locate the proper firmware for your camera and download it, along with any instructions for the firmware update.


• With the firmware downloaded on your computer, click on the 1b. button. This will take you to the camera’s web control page where you can finish the firmware update process following the instructions from the camera manufacturer.


If you have already purchased a NDI®|HX license for your camera please skip the following step.

• Once the firmware has been updated, click on the 2. button to purchase an NDI®|HX license for your camera. You will be redirected to the NewTek Store to complete the purchase. Once the transaction is complete, you will receive a confirmation email with the NDI®|HX license key within a few minutes.



IMPORTANT: Please have the order confirmation email available or otherwise copy the license key number for reference before you proceed.

• Enter the license key for your camera that was included with the confirmation email in the number 3. text box.



• Click on the 4. button to enable NDI®|HX on your camera.


• Configure and control your camera using the on-screen user interface.


Once registered, you can use your camera over the network with any other NDI®-compatible system, device, or software, performing the standard functions for locating an NDI® source and designating for video input.

If you have additional cameras to upgrade, please repeat the steps in this installation guide as required to enable NDI®|HX. A separate NDI®|HX license key is required for each camera.

IMPORTANT: Your NDI®|HX license key is non-transferrable. If for any reason your camera requires a restore to factory default settings, you can reinstall your NDI®|HX upgrade by repeating the steps in this installation guide with your original license key.

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