LC11 Control Surface Troubleshooting

TriCaster LC-11 control surface is compatible with TriCaster 855, 455, 300, 850 series, and 450 series systems, as well as TriCaster Broadcast, and Tricaster Pro.

LC11 Control Surface


Control Surface is not illuminating/functioning within a new session in TriCaster UI



  1. Please download this from our dropbox:

    2. Please go to Device Manager with the Control Surface plugged in uninstall USB Serial Converter by Right clicking and selecting uninstall. If you don't have it, skip down to the next step.

    3. After you have uninstalled the driver, unplug the CS and reboot the unit.

    4. When it loads, exit to Windows, and download the attached drivers from step 1. 

    5. Once they are downloaded right click and run as admin, then right click and run as admin again.

    6. After you have ran the installer 2 times reconnect the control surface and enter live production. Make sure you test new session. 

    Note:  When deleting the USB Serial Converter driver, there is a check box that needs to be checked


If issue is still not resolved, have the customer place the unit in self test mode:

Disconnect the USB cable, reconnect USB, then press and hold 2-4-6-8 on the Live Row simultaneously. 

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