USB Control Surface not detected

Issue: The USB connected control surface is not lighting up within a session or it's not showing in Device Manager when plugged in. 
*Note - This article applies only to older USB control surfaces such as the TriCaster 450-460, Original TriCaster Mini CS, TriCaster 850-860, etc. Newer units such as the TC1 SP and new Mini CS (Serial Number starting with "NYT") have drivers built into the software update. 
1. Check cables and make sure it is directly connected to the TriCaster (no extenders or USB hubs)
2. Update the TriCaster software. Here is the link to our updates page:
(For 455/855 and earlier products, use this link for updates:
3. Check that the drivers are enabled. Start> Device Manager > USB Serial Bus Controller > USB Serial Converter > right click > Properties > Driver tab > enabled
If the drivers are enabled and the control surface is still not functioning correctly within a session, proceed to step 4.
4. In Windows (with control surface plugged in): Start>device manager> USB serial controller> USB serial converter >right click> uninstall
5. Disconnect the control surface.
6. Reboot, then exit to Windows. Download the CS Drivers from here: Once they are downloaded right click and run as admin. 
7. After install, plug in the Control Surface again and launch the TriCaster software into a Session. 
8. The Control Surface should light up once the Session is initialized.
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