Wireless Network Troubleshooting

Issue: Intermittent wireless network connectivity with Connect Spark and/or TriCaster Mini (Standard or Advanced Edition).


-Confirm you are running the latest software (firmware for Connect Spark) on your device

TriCaster Mini:

Connect Spark:

-Test your network connection speed. Both devices are designed to operate with a 1 GBps+ internet connection

-Check the area for wireless interference and configure your router to broadcast on a channel with the least interference

-Make sure you are using an IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n wireless network

-It is recommended that you connect to your router using a 5ghz frequency, but 2.4 ghz is acceptable if necessary

-Check to ensure your signal strength to the equipment is at/better than -50db. You can find this in Windows using Control Panel's Network and Internet> Network Connections page. Just right-click the wireless connection and choose Connect / Disconnect to see the Wi-Fi strength.

-Connect Spark - If using the "Multicast" function, make sure your network is setup for this feature. You can review a separate article detailing the configuration for this feature here: NETWORK SETTINGS

-Connect Spark - Make sure you are using the Antennas the device was shipped with. Aftermarket Antennas can have adverse interactions with your device. 

 -Connect Spark - Make sure you have download/installed the NDI|HX Drivers on the receiving device for your Spark connection

WiFi Disclaimer:

Note: Wifi connections can produce very acceptable results, but performance issues may arise when many devices are connected. The radio in a wifi router can only listen to one device at a time, forcing other devices to wait and retry repeatedly. This problem worsens as more transmitters are added. Too, the portion of the radio spectrum you are using may be serving numerous wireless networks in the same vicinity. A dedicated network helps minimize problems, as does careful channel selection – but a wired connection is always preferable in mission-critical settings.

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