Skype TX Controller and Skype Desktop Network Ports

The following ports should remain open for optimal Skype TX Controller communication.  This is also applicable in cases where you have the Skype TX Controller working with NewTek hardware such as the TalkShow or units with integrated Skype TX channels:

  • Port 8000, which is used for connecting Skype TX Application to Skype channels
  • Ports 18001, 18002, 18003, 18020 etc are used for Controller to communicate with the Channel(s). (The calls are, or should be, UDP)
  • Port 80 and 443 should both be open to ensure you can make and received Skype calls.

Here is some further information related to regular Skype desktop performance:

From the article linked above, here are additional ports that need to be open within your Firewall for Skype to work correctly::

  • 443/TCP
  • 3478-3481/UDP
  • 50000-60000/UDP

For the best possible call quality experience with Skype, these ports should be considered as well:

  • 1000-10000/TCP
  • 50000-65000/TCP
  • 16000-26000/TCP
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