How to stream to YouTube; Event and Custom

Below are step-by-step instructions on streaming to YouTube using Event and a Custom connection: 


(Events will need to be created within YouTube prior to be able to select them from a TriCaster session)
1. Go into the session
2. Click on the Stream Gear: 

3. select New Connection, then YouTube: 

4. Sign-in to YouTube when the window appears: 

5. Select your event: 

6. Click on okay and Start streaming

Few things to keep in mind when streaming with the plugin. 

- Make sure no other CDN is marked if you choose to stream solely to YouTube
- When creating an event make sure to use Reusable Stream Key
- If you stop the stream, you will have to refresh the connection to stream 
- You will have to start the stream from the Event's Live Control Room - this is accessed from YouTube


Custom Connection:
If you use a custom connection, then you will need select New Connection, then Custom: 

In the custom configuration you can manually enter the RTMP information, omitting the user and password as shown below:

You can grab this information from Your Live Stream Page in the Encoder Setup: 

Or you can grab it from the Event page when selecting Other Encoders: 

Now keep in mind, if you create an event then you will need to access the event and head to the Control Room to start the Stream. 

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