General NDI® Troubleshooting

The main point of focus for sending/receiving NDI signals successfully revolves around ensuring all the devices are on the same network and subnet. If both devices are on the same network but different subnets, you will need to configure NDI® Access Manager through the NDI® Tools Pack found here:

Common things that can potentially interfere with an NDI signal:

  • Anti Virus actively running and scanning on the device.  Since Anti Virus scans are essential in some environments, we suggest disabling Anti Virus temporarily for testing purposes.
  • Firewalls blocking ports.  We suggest turning Firewall off
  • Having the Network Type set to Public. We recommend changing Network types to Private/Home.

For successful NDI signals to come across, ensure all your software is up to date:

1) For the latest NDI® Tools Pack and other NDI® applications (Connect Pro, etc):

2) For NDI|HX® devices, install the latest firmware version and driver. (Common issue due to this is a blue splash screen stating "The selected device can be used as an NDI® source. Please visit to learn how to activate.")  Reinstall the NDI|HX® driver by right clicking and selecting "Run as Administrator".

3) For NDI® signals on a TriCaster, 3Play or IP Series device, please update your software to the latest available build. Please note that devices running 'Legacy' software may not be NDI® compatible or capable (some products do have the option of a Software Upgrade purchase to enable NDI® functionality).


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