Standard Edition RTMP Streaming

1. Click the gear icon next to the stream button. This will open the Stream Configuration Panel.

2. Navigate to in the url bar at the top of the Stream Configuration Panel. This is important because if you are on a page that the TriCaster determines has a plugin (like LiveStream) it will default to using a plugin and we want to avoid this.

3. Once you are at, expand the drop down menu at the top left of the screen Stream Configuration Panel and choose the option "Create Connection from Current URL".  This will bring up the Connection Type window.

4. Select "RTMP Streaming" and press the OK button at the bottom. A new "Flash Server" bar will be present at the top of the Stream Configuration Panel.

5. Find your Stream URL and Stream Key in your streaming service account.

5. Once you have this information, most likely obtained from accessing the account info from another device, enter it into the Stream URL and Stream Key location. Ensure that you leave the Username and Password section blank.

6. Click the OK button at the bottom right of the Stream Configuration Panel window which should bring you back to the TriCaster user interface.

7. Click the Stream button at the top of the screen and if you see a clock counting up, then you are successfully streaming!

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