TriCaster 40 Streaming to Facebook

On the TriCaster 40: 

1. Start the session
2. Click on the Stream Gear
3. In the web address bar, navigate to (First)

4. On the top left of the window, click on the drop down and select “New” 

5. Connection type will appear, please select Adobe Flash Streaming. 

6. Here you will see more options to input your streaming profile, Stream ID, and Location. 

The main things you need to set up is the Streaming profile/Resolution and whether you would like to archive the stream or not. 

On the PC: 

7. Log in to
8. Select your Username at the top right corner.
9. In the new post area, click Live Video:

10. When you click on Live Video you should see a preview window appear with Camera and Connect at the top. Click Connect and your RTMP information will be visible: 


On the TriCaster 40: 

11. With the information above, enter your Stream Key into the Stream ID on the TriCaster and the Server URL into the Location. Once that information is entered, click on 'OK' on the Streaming Configuration window then click the Stream button to start the stream.



On the PC: 
12. Go back to your PC where the window is displayed with the RTMP information. This will change to a video preview of your stream and the Go Live button will be enabled for you to start the stream. 

13. Click the Go Live button to begin streaming to your Facebook page. 

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