TC1 SP and 460 AE PTZ Control

Pan, tilt, zoom control over connected robotic cameras is also provided using the joystick. 

To delegate the joystick to control a PTZ camera assigned to a specific TriCaster input, hold down CTRL button on the control surface and press a button (1-4) in the M/E Delegate group.  (Afterward, the button corresponding to the current PTZ camera selection will light whenever CTRL is pressed.)



  • Pan: With SHIFT depressed, tilt the joystick left-right.
  • Tilt: With SHIFT depressed, tilt the joystick backward-forward.
  • Zoom: With SHIFT depressed, twist the joystick clockwise or counter-clockwise.
  • Focus: When Auto is off, and with SHIFT + CTRL both pressed, twist the joystick clockwise or counter-clockwise.
    • Auto Focus toggle: With SHIFT + CTRL held down, press the joystick button.
  • Preset selection: Press CTRL + LIVESET SHOT (1-8) to choose a preset for the selected camera.
  • Press CTRL + RATE (M/E Transition group) to adjust the camera’s Animation Speed.

Hold down SHIFT and press the top joystick button to update the current PTZ preset (position, zoom and thumbnail icon).

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