LAWO network audio with TriCaster

Issue:  Customer want to use 4 tracks of audio for the WDM drivers via LAWO, however we only receive 2 tracks of audio. 

Solution:  The TriCaster software can only work with what is presented by the drivers. So when using LAWO, the WDM driver is generating multiple dual-channel outputs. In TriCaster we have 4 channels of audio per bus. So when you take 4 channels and try and send it to a 2 channel receiver, you will only get the first 2 channels. LAWO does say you can make a registry change to support 5.1 channels, but that would change the presentation to Windows; instead of 2 channels you get 6. Now when TriCaster sends its 4 channels of audio, it maps to the 6 channels presented so you get 4 channels of audio out.

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