NDI Scan Converter 3.5 and discrete GPUs


NDI Scan Converter 3.5 launches fine on laptops with discrete GPUs (non integrated graphics card), but it will not display any video as an NDI source. 


NDI Scan Converter 3.5 needs to use the Intel GPU to output video. To change this setting, navigate to the nVidia Control Panel and set Scan Converter to use the Intel integrated graphics.  Relaunching Scan Converter should now show video output as an NDI source.


A note about the requirements for the new Scan Converter 3.5:

NDI Tools:
Microsoft Windows operating system (32-bit compatible; 64-bit recommended)

  • NDI Scan Converter requires Windows 8 or better
  • NDI Virtual Input require Windows 7 or better
  • All other NDI Tools require Windows Vista or better

Mac-compatible versions of NDI Tools require Mac OS X or better.
Intel Core i3 CPU or better (Intel i5 CPU or better recommended)
6GB RAM or better.

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