Advanced Edition Facebook Streaming using a Custom Preset

In order to stream to Facebook, you will need to create a New Custom connection.  In the Stream Configuration gear within the TriCaster software, the option appears as shown below.  A Custom connection will require RTMP and Stream ID information to be entered manually. This information can be found on Facebook, and pictures are included within this article to show where to navigate to. (Its best to have another PC to access Facebook on to read and copy over the needed info.) 

To find the information you need on Facebook:

1) Log in to
2) On the Page you wish to stream to, click on Publishing Tools:

3) Here is a view of the Publishing tools tab:

4) Click on Video Library and locate the "+Live" Button. 
5) When you click on Live, select Connect and this will display the RTMP (server URL/location) and the Stream ID (Stream key): 

6) Add the required info for your Post. This will change to a preview of your stream and the Go Live button will be enabled for you to start the stream. 

7) Back on the TriCaster software, copy over this information into the perspective fields. You do not typically need to enter the Username and Password Fields that are listed. You should now be able to stream to Facebook.

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