Third Party NDI® Applications - Troubleshooting Guide

Issue: Third Party Applications utilizing NDI® technology are not sending and/or receiving NDI® traffic



  • Confirm you are running the latest third party software/firmware on your transmitting/receiving device, as we frequently release updates to our NDI® libraries for companies utilizing NDI® technology


  • Confirm your receiving device is running the latest iteration of the NDI|HX® driver, which is located in the NDI® Tools Pack here: *Note, you will also need the NDI® Studio Monitor tool and NDI® Test Patterns later in this guide.


  • Ensure that you are operating your sending/receiving device as an Administrator or user that has been granted Administrator privileges. You can confirm your User level in the Control Panel at Control Panel\User Accounts\User Accounts under "Manage User Accounts"


  • Ensure that your User Account Control Settings are set to "Never Notify" in Control Panel at "Control Panel\User Accounts\User Accounts" on your sending/receiving devices.


  • Ensure Windows is not blocking the sending/receiving application. Right click on the application name -> select Properties -> In the General tab. If it is blocked, there will be a notification and a checkbox to unblock the application or simply a button that states “Unblock” 



  • Confirm if the source is detected in Studio Monitor by selecting the "Hamburger" icon in the top left corner of the Studio Monitor interface. If the device is not listed in Studio Monitor, confirm the following:
    • Test with a direct connection from your receiving device to the NDI® source. Keep in mind, you will need to establish a Static IP address on your receiving device as reflected here: How To set up Static IPs for the Spark and PC on an Switch without a DHCP server. If the device is reflected when using a direct connection, check the following in your workflow:
      • Ensure the NDI® source and receiving device are on the same subnet in your network. If this is not possible, utilize our NDI® Access Manager tool to resolve. This tool is available as part of our NDI® 3.5 applications.
      • Run the "NDI® Test Patterns" tool on your sending device and see if it is reflected within the NDI® Studio Monitor application operating on your receiving device
      • On the sending/receiving devices (Windows 7 and 8) in Control Panel -> Network and Internet -> Network and Sharing Center -> View your active networks. Ensure that the connection is not set to "Public", as this will restrict network traffic to/from your device. If using Windows 10, ensure your device is set as "Discoverable" on the network
      • Make sure the proper ports are open on your network to send/receive NDI® Traffic, as detailed in the articles below:
      • Disable the firewall on the sending/receiving devices, in addition to third party Anti-Virus software to ensure neither is blocking NDI® traffic.
  • If the source is identified in Studio Monitor, but not in your receiving platform, check the following:
    • If you are utilizing NewTek™ equipment, make sure you are running the latest software build for your device. You can locate software updates here: 
    • If you are utilizing a third party software to send/receive in your NDI® source, you will need to reach out to them to ensure they are supporting our latest NDI® libraries.
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