Configure Custom RTMP Stream to Vimeo

To create an event in Vimeo, to then appear in the TriCaster Interface, you will need to designate a start and stop time. Additionally, if you attempt to stream to Vimeo following the event start time, the stream will not complete.

Create a live event in Vimeo 
Add a title, date and time 
Click - Next 
Click - Settings 
Click - Schedule your event 
Set Date and Time again & Save.  Video window will show “This event will start in xx minutes” 
Click embed tab and adjust player accordingly. 
Log in to Vimeo account in TriCaster "Stream" configuration menu

The event will show up in your dropdown AS LONG AS the scheduled time has not passed. If you have the event scheduled to start at 1:00pm and you try to start streaming at 1:02pm for example, it will not work. 

Now click refresh in the TriCaster Vimeo settings, then click on the dropdown and you will see the event you created. 

*Note - The RTMP URL and Key are only valid for 30 minutes once you activate them in Vimeo. Do not activate them, as this will be accomplished once you initiate the stream in the TC1 interface. Also it is worth noting that the RTMP and Key are only valid for 12 hours.

*A complete walkthrough of retrieving this information through your Vimeo profile and overview of the various Vimeo menus can be located in the article below:

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