TalkShow CPU Usage at 100%

High CPU Usage on Talkshow devices has been pinpointed to changes in Skype TX. The latest features in Skype TX video resolution yield higher CPU usage. When active in conjunction with the TalkShow software on your device the combination can overwhelm the available resources when using 1080/30p signals on all channels. A formal report has been submitted to the Microsoft Skype team to address this concern. While we wait for guidance from Microsoft, you can reduce CPU usage on your device by using, any one or combination of the items below: 

1) Minimize the Talkshow UI while the software is running.

2) Minimize the Skype TX Controller while running on the Talkshow.

3) Run Skype TX Controller software on another computer/laptop on the same network as the VS4000.  Then add channels with the IP address of the system running Skype TX on the network.

4) Set the Talkshow output to 720p (Skype does not support interlaced video across its network. Using 1080i for studio integrations will require de-interlace to 1080/30p for Skype TX transmission)

5) Limit incoming Skype Caller resolutions to 720p


Current as of 6/5/19











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