Installing Standard Edition Updates

In order to install Standard Edition software updates, follow the listed steps:

1. Exit the TriCaster software to view the Windows desktop.

2. Launch Internet Explorer and navigate to

3. Select the download labeled as the Standard Edition build. 

4. After it has downloaded, you will want to right click the downloaded file and then click Properties. Ensure that the application can run by checking the 'Unblock' button. If this is not an option you can disregard this step.

5. Right click the application again and click, "Run as administrator."

6. This will bring up the initial EULA agreement and then software options available (one example is shown here):


(Typically you would select and install all available options.  The NDI® HX Driver allows you to receive and output NDI® sources from your network.)  


7. After this, your download will begin. Once the files are downloaded, it will begin to install them individually. You will need to click next a few times here to get everything installed, but that is it.

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