Registration Errors in New Database

Issue: You are unable to register serial numbers prefixed with "NTY", "NA9", "NC", or "NTIP" following the menus below or apply NDI|HX® licensing to a device (After the following the steps listed here:



Registration Menu: 


*Note: Serial numbers prefixed with "NYT", "NA9", "NC", or "NTIP" require that you utilize the Registration menu above. If you are presented the "I'm offline" sub-menu, do NOT use it, as this references the old registration database and will not authenticate your license. You will need to reboot/reattempt the EULA and initial registration screen above.

Steps to resolve:

1) Ensure the device is connected to the internet, as the new registration database utilizes a "Call-Home" method to authenticate the license.

2) If the device has access to the internet and you are still having an issue, please launch an internet browser in windows and navigate to: (First section is ‘LRS-API”). This is to check if your network is blocking access to our registration server. If you receive a prompt for credentials, then the website is not blocked (No further action needed - i.e. you will not input any credentials here). 

3) Ensure you have the correct and latest iteration of your software installed. This is particularly pertinent to instances where you have a Standard Edition device that was upgraded to Advanced Edition, but recently restored the device to its factory configuration with Standard Edition software. Since the Advanced Edition license is tethered to Advanced Edition only, you will need to update before you can register.

4) Check that the system date/time is current in Windows and you are not receiving "SSL Certificate" warnings when navigating to websites. If the date/time is not accurate, exit to Windows and perform the following for devices operating on Windows 7: 

>Launch Control Panel

>Navigate to Control Panel\Clock, Language, and Region

>Select "Set the time and date"

>Under the "Internet Time" tab, select "Change Settings..."

>Checkmark the "Synchronize" box, then select "Update Now"

>Exit and test


If the steps above do not remedy this occurrence, please reach out to your local authorized reseller for assistance: or NewTek™ Customer Support here: 

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