3P1 and NDI® Telestrator Pro

With the included NDI® Telestrator Pro technology, you can annotate on screen and roll immediate replays over the network from any compatible networked PC or touchscreen device.

How to use:

You will find the Telestrator application installer on your 3P1 in the folder at C:\\3Play\Etras. Having installed NDI Telestrator Pro on a suitable external host, expand the video source control at upper-right and choose one of the two ‘clean’ NDI output from a 3Play 3P1 system.

The application will automatically connect to the 3P1 system and assign the "Clean out" 1 and 2 outputs as background sources to Telestrator Pro's A and B drawing canvasses.

More information can be found on pages 142-144 in the 3P1 User guide.

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